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Introducing CNSDose. Based on advanced genetic guidance, the CNSDose Report provides you with a powerful new tool to guide your prescribing decisions.

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Manage issues of trial-and-error prescribing, medication side effects and adverse medication reactions with one simple cheek swab.


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With a simple cheek swab, you and your clinician can find better medications faster and reduce the likelihood of side effects based on your own unique genetics.

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CNSDose Report reduces the likelihood of adverse drug interactions and provides you with medication risks based on your patient’s genetics.

General Medical Conditions

CNSDose Report provides you with an analysis of your patient’s medication profile for a variety of therapeutic classes to fulfill your prescriber needs.

Mental Health Conditions

CNSDose is based upon cutting-edge knowledge of both liver and blood-brain-barrier metabolism to help you find more effective medications fast.

Co-Occurring Conditions

Depression is a common co-occurrence with mental health and general medical conditions but often goes undetected. CNSDose can help you find more effective medications for your patient’s co-occurring conditions.

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CNSDose™ incorporates best in class neuroscience and genomic insights as evidenced by leading clinical trials and peer reviewed studies.

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Rest assured. Your genetic and personal health data is protected under the highest standards of privacy, security, and is HIPAA compliant.


Our tools have the highest levels of evidence from clinical trials, and the latest brain science.


The CNSDose Report is easy-to-understand and time-efficient for busy clinicians and individuals.