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December 2015

Ajeet B Singh MD co-authors Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists Clinical Practice Guidelines on Mood Disorders:

October 2015

Ajeet B Singh MD Regional Winner ICT-Invention Test, Geelong Australia:

September 2015

Harnessing genetics to reduce trial and error antidepressant prescribing:

Geelong researcher looks at DNA to help guide mental health treatment:

Genetic testing may help tailor antidepressants to individual needs: /

August 2015

Ajeet B Singh MD Publishes world’s first positive RCT for antidepressant pharmacogenetics:

June 2015

Ajeet B Singh MD interviewed on radio:

May 2015

Ajeet B Singh MD pitches in the semi-finals of Australian biotech start-up contest:

April 2015

Ajeet B Singh MD discovers possible trauma resilience gene:

March 2015

Dr Ajeet Singh: Medicine of future tricky to prescribe:

Q&A: Dr Ajeet Singh on genetically guided prescribing:

January 2014

Ajeet B Singh MD publishes review on antidepressant pharmacogenetics:

September 2013

Ajeet B Singh involved in identifying genetic differences in Asian response to antidepressants:

May 2013

Ajeet B Singh identified depression symptoms more than pharmacodynamic genes involved in response prediction:

November 2012

Ajeet B Singh MD discovers antidepressant dose to remit blood-brain-barrier gene:

May 2011

Geelong researcher's depression breakthrough:

October 2007

Ajeet B Singh MD publishes original concept for second generation pharmacogenetics: